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blog09.02.2024 · Silviu Tamas
API Documentation and markdown tools

A comprehensive guide

blog21.11.2023 · Silviu Tamas
Introduction to Data Lakes - unlocking the power of unstructured data

What are data lakes, how they differ from data warehouses, and the benefits they offer

blog16.11.2023 · Silviu Tamas
The Power of Multi-Tenant Architecture in Microservices

The benefits of multi-tenant architecture

technical articles26.10.2023 · Andrei Tirpescu
The importance of refactoring

Exploring the art of code improvement

blog25.10.2023 · Sergiu Lazur
The proof of concept (PoC) process for business growth

Introduction to proof of concept, benefits and key elements for a successful development

blog04.10.2023 · Silviu Tamas
Using Kafka to stream Change Data Capture data between databases

The concept of CDC, the benefits of using Kafka for streaming CDC data, and step-by-step instructions on setting up CDC using Kafka.

blog22.09.2023 · Diana Tamas
How to enhance your product management and leadership practices

Seven core Principles for effective product leadership

blog20.06.2023 · Andreea Magdici
Discover Pulse App

An elegant solution for time-management

blog12.05.2023 · Andreea Magdici
Pulse App - a productivity-boosting time management upgrade

Efficiency for the HR department

blog28.03.2023 · Ioana Macarie
Joining a New Team - How to start efficiently

Ramping into an Existing Team: Questions to Ask

blog27.02.2023 · Ioana Ifrim
Agile Estimations

Introduction to the main agile estimating techniques

technical articles15.02.2023 · Andrei Cozma
Transition from a monolith to microservice architecture

An overview of microservices and best practices

blog06.02.2023 · Diana Tamas
Maximizing Your Potential - A Guide to Professional Development

Ways to help you grow professionally

blog17.01.2023 · Ioana Macarie
The need to belong in the workplace

What is it and why should it be a priority for companies in 2023

blog06.12.2022 · Ioana Ifrim
A walkthrough in Agile

A comprehensive guide for agile methodology

blog01.11.2022 · Ciprian Craciun
5 tips to become a better developer

Develop a continuous learning mindset

blog04.10.2022 · Alina Hincu
Curiosity, growth and getting out of your comfort zone

Alina interviewing Stefanica, Software Engineer

blog31.08.2022 · Alina Hincu
iOS first - a story of curiosity and dedication

Alina interviewing Ionel, iOS Consultant

blog08.07.2022 · Alina Hincu
Finding your passion in the dynamic IT recruiting market

Alina interviewing Ioana, HR Consultant at OceanoBe

blog28.06.2022 · Alina Hincu
The road to experience from our Senior Solutions Architect

Alina interviewing Silviu, Senior Solutions Architect

technical articles20.06.2022 · Ciprian Craciun
How to translate your next js project with next-translate

Translate your next js app into multiple languages

blog03.06.2022 · Alina Hincu
What to remember according to a full stack developer

Alina interviewing Florin, full stack developer at OceanoBe

blog09.05.2022 · Alina Hincu
The importance of flexibility from a senior java developer

Alina interviewing Bianca, Senior Java Developer

blog26.04.2022 · Alina Hincu
A conversation about growth and front-end development

Alina interviewing Ciprian, Senior Front-end Developer at OceanoBe

blog08.04.2022 · Alina Hincu
What it takes to be successful in the recruiting IT market

Alina interviewing Andreea, HR Consultant at OceanoBe

blog25.03.2022 · Alina Hincu
Talking about leadership, perseverance and automation QA

Alina interviewing Sergiu, Test Automation Consultant at OceanoBe

blog18.03.2022 · Alina Hincu
Introducing neuroscience to challenge our resilience

A journey of a thousand miles with NeuroMinfulness Institute

blog16.02.2022 · Alina Hincu
The values that define us

A journey of discovery for the OceanoBe team

blog15.02.2022 · Alina Hincu
What it takes to become a Delivery Partner in the software industry

Alina interviewing Ilie, Delivery Partner

technical articles03.02.2022 · Ciprian Redinciuc
CI/CD for iOS projects using Semaphore CI

Continuous integration and delivery using Semaphore CI

blog28.01.2022 · Andreea Magdici
Experience vs Seniority

What defines the role of a senior software developer

blog13.01.2022 · Alina Hincu
OceanoBe is expanding in major Romanian cities

A vision for new beginnings

blog26.11.2021 · Alina Hincu
Content creation, learning and growth in the software industry

Alina interviewing Ciprian, iOS Architect

technical articles04.10.2021 · Ciprian Redinciuc
How to use async await in Swift 5.5

How to get started with async/await

blog25.06.2021 · Diana Tamas
5 strategies for a successful first MVP

technical articles08.06.2021 · Ciprian Redinciuc
Swift networking with Combine

technical articles24.05.2021 · Ciprian Redinciuc
Sending data in Swift using Combine

technical articles10.05.2021 · Ciprian Redinciuc
Repository pattern using Core Data and Swift

blog22.04.2021 · Diana Tamas
How to start building quality digital solutions - Discovery Phase

Our Playbook

technical articles14.04.2021 · Ciprian Redinciuc
Continuous delivery for iOS applications using Jenkins and Fastlane

blog22.03.2021 · Diana Tamas
How to deliver structured software solutions

Our Playbook

blog08.12.2020 · Robert Tamas
Maintaining trust and leading the team - Oceanobe

About leadership, maintaining hope and vision for a better future

blog21.08.2020 · Andreea Soltan
Programmers are people too

A team player manifesto

blog20.08.2020 · Diana Tamas
OceanoBe Playbook

A guideline to deliver excellence in software

blog26.03.2020 · Diana Tamas
3 ways for digital transformation - a step by step guide

Why move your business online

blog12.03.2020 · Diana Tamas
Work from home - pro, cons, and solutions on how to better communicate

How can we make the most out of the WFH situation

blog10.12.2019 · Diana Tamas
Company’s values

A step by step process for OceanoBe Team with the help of FeedbackStreet

blog12.06.2019 · Diana Tamas
Prioritize the priorities

Successful customer feedback campaign