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blog12.07.2024 · Nicu Enache, Digital Transformation Expert/ Business Development Team
Insights from ZF Bankers Summit 2024

A Pathway to the Future of Banking

blog05.07.2024 · Ciprian Craciun, Front-End Developer/ Engineering Team
Revolutionizing Banking Apps with Angular-Best Practices and Code Examples

The robust codebase that Angular creates is useful in banking applications that need maintainable code. An expert can integrate best practices to leverage Angular's powerful features, for feasible and secure fintech solutions.

blog03.07.2024 · Business Development Team
Cloud Computing

A Game Changer for Digital Banking Services

blog05.06.2024 · Anca Bordeanu
Development of the Latest Digital Innovations in a New Workspace with History from Iași

We at OceanoBe mark a new milestone by opening an innovation workspace for our clients in FinTech, Banking, Payments, Medical, Energy, Administration, and other connected fields.

technical articles10.05.2024 · Andrei Tirpescu
Java 21- new tools and technologies to keep developers ahead

blog02.04.2024 · Alina Hincu
Leadership Talk with our Chief of Staff

Alina interviewing Marina, Chief of Staff

blog09.02.2024 · Silviu Tamas
API Documentation and markdown tools

A comprehensive guide

blog21.11.2023 · Silviu Tamas
Introduction to Data Lakes - unlocking the power of unstructured data

What are data lakes, how they differ from data warehouses, and the benefits they offer

blog16.11.2023 · Silviu Tamas
The Power of Multi-Tenant Architecture in Microservices

The benefits of multi-tenant architecture

technical articles26.10.2023 · Andrei Tirpescu
The importance of refactoring

Exploring the art of code improvement

blog25.10.2023 · Sergiu Lazur
The proof of concept (PoC) process for business growth

Introduction to proof of concept, benefits and key elements for a successful development

blog04.10.2023 · Silviu Tamas
Using Kafka to stream Change Data Capture data between databases

The concept of CDC, the benefits of using Kafka for streaming CDC data, and step-by-step instructions on setting up CDC using Kafka.

blog22.09.2023 · Diana Tamas
How to enhance your product management and leadership practices

Seven core Principles for effective product leadership

blog20.06.2023 · Andreea Magdici
Discover Pulse App

An elegant solution for time-management

blog12.05.2023 · Andreea Magdici
Pulse App - a productivity-boosting time management upgrade

Efficiency for the HR department

blog28.03.2023 · Ioana Macarie
Joining a New Team - How to start efficiently

Ramping into an Existing Team: Questions to Ask

blog27.02.2023 · Ioana Ifrim
Agile Estimations

Introduction to the main agile estimating techniques

technical articles15.02.2023 · Andrei Cozma
Transition from a monolith to microservice architecture

An overview of microservices and best practices

blog06.02.2023 · Diana Tamas
Maximizing Your Potential - A Guide to Professional Development

Ways to help you grow professionally

blog17.01.2023 · Ioana Macarie
The need to belong in the workplace

What is it and why should it be a priority for companies in 2023

blog06.12.2022 · Ioana Ifrim
A walkthrough in Agile

A comprehensive guide for agile methodology

blog01.11.2022 · Ciprian Craciun
5 tips to become a better developer

Develop a continuous learning mindset

blog04.10.2022 · Alina Hincu
Curiosity, growth and getting out of your comfort zone

Alina interviewing Stefanica, Software Engineer

blog31.08.2022 · Alina Hincu
iOS first - a story of curiosity and dedication

Alina interviewing Ionel, iOS Consultant

blog08.07.2022 · Alina Hincu
Finding your passion in the dynamic IT recruiting market

Alina interviewing Ioana, HR Consultant at OceanoBe

blog28.06.2022 · Alina Hincu
The road to experience from our Senior Solutions Architect

Alina interviewing Silviu, Senior Solutions Architect

technical articles20.06.2022 · Ciprian Craciun
How to translate your next js project with next-translate

Translate your next js app into multiple languages

blog03.06.2022 · Alina Hincu
What to remember according to a full stack developer

Alina interviewing Florin, full stack developer at OceanoBe

blog09.05.2022 · Alina Hincu
The importance of flexibility from a senior java developer

Alina interviewing Bianca, Senior Java Developer

blog26.04.2022 · Alina Hincu
A conversation about growth and front-end development

Alina interviewing Ciprian, Senior Front-end Developer at OceanoBe

blog08.04.2022 · Alina Hincu
What it takes to be successful in the recruiting IT market

Alina interviewing Andreea, HR Consultant at OceanoBe

blog25.03.2022 · Alina Hincu
Talking about leadership, perseverance and automation QA

Alina interviewing Sergiu, Test Automation Consultant at OceanoBe

blog18.03.2022 · Alina Hincu
Introducing neuroscience to challenge our resilience

A journey of a thousand miles with NeuroMinfulness Institute

blog16.02.2022 · Alina Hincu
The values that define us

A journey of discovery for the OceanoBe team

blog15.02.2022 · Alina Hincu
What it takes to become a Delivery Partner in the software industry

Alina interviewing Ilie, Delivery Partner

technical articles03.02.2022 · Ciprian Redinciuc
CI/CD for iOS projects using Semaphore CI

Continuous integration and delivery using Semaphore CI

blog28.01.2022 · Andreea Magdici
Experience vs Seniority

What defines the role of a senior software developer

blog13.01.2022 · Alina Hincu
OceanoBe is expanding in major Romanian cities

A vision for new beginnings

blog26.11.2021 · Alina Hincu
Content creation, learning and growth in the software industry

Alina interviewing Ciprian, iOS Architect

technical articles04.10.2021 · Ciprian Redinciuc
How to use async await in Swift 5.5

How to get started with async/await

blog25.06.2021 · Diana Tamas
5 strategies for a successful first MVP

technical articles08.06.2021 · Ciprian Redinciuc
Swift networking with Combine

technical articles24.05.2021 · Ciprian Redinciuc
Sending data in Swift using Combine

technical articles10.05.2021 · Ciprian Redinciuc
Repository pattern using Core Data and Swift

blog22.04.2021 · Diana Tamas
How to start building quality digital solutions - Discovery Phase

Our Playbook

technical articles14.04.2021 · Ciprian Redinciuc
Continuous delivery for iOS applications using Jenkins and Fastlane

blog22.03.2021 · Diana Tamas
How to deliver structured software solutions

Our Playbook

blog08.12.2020 · Robert Tamas
Maintaining trust and leading the team - Oceanobe

About leadership, maintaining hope and vision for a better future

blog21.08.2020 · Andreea Soltan
Programmers are people too

A team player manifesto

blog20.08.2020 · Diana Tamas
OceanoBe Playbook

A guideline to deliver excellence in software

blog26.03.2020 · Diana Tamas
3 ways for digital transformation - a step by step guide

Why move your business online

blog12.03.2020 · Diana Tamas
Work from home - pro, cons, and solutions on how to better communicate

How can we make the most out of the WFH situation

blog10.12.2019 · Diana Tamas
Company’s values

A step by step process for OceanoBe Team with the help of FeedbackStreet

blog12.06.2019 · Diana Tamas
Prioritize the priorities

Successful customer feedback campaign