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Feedback Street is a multi-channel email and SMS survey platform that gives you the possibility to inspect your customer feedback and simply adjust your offer based on that.


The first phase of analysis for Feedback Street was a major priority for us. At this stage we focused on analyzing various business sectors for which the product could perform best. Of course, we took our time in defining the persona and also capturing metrics that will measure the impact and success.


Moving to ideation, our team used this refinement phase to demonstrate that the challenge identified for Feedback Street was on point. We used this period of time to validate our purpose fix of the problem using a small closer representation of the targeted audience.


In the final stage of testing for Feedback Street, a small slice of development translated into a Proof of Concept in tandem with promotional content for the market. We made sure to have all appropriate tracking tools to measure the impact of the POC.

Idea to solve

We targeted medical sectors, especially hospitals that approach patients in a bulk manner, like all mothers that left the maternity wing last months, interviewing them about the quality of the services. The product we designed offers the possibility of creating custom questionnaires that the medical sector could use as a tool to improve their services. The feedback captured could reflect pain points or suggestions that could lead to action based on facts and not guesses.

Problem statement

One common challenge we all faced around the process of gathering feedback is that the collection of answers is done manually after each interaction with a public or private type of actor. We discovered that the process of tracking consumers' opinion suffers by being exposed to error prompts being processed linearly and not in real-time.

To create a successful innovative business and succeed with new products or services, the company must listen to customer feedback. Customers can help to develop a better product, to provide a better service, to bring purpose to the product or valuable service offering, to tell how they really feel about a product or service and to provide the best advice. By having customer insight, listening to customers and making them happy, the company can create strong and long- term relationships with customers getting lifetime revenue because people do business with people they like, know and trust.


By extending the number of flows to cover multiple scenarios we extended FeedbackStreet to meet other businesses' needs. At this stage it is used by Medical and Life Coaching users, but we are now considering it as a valuable product to create social campaigns and so provide a scientist battery of templates and also scientist reports.

Here at Coach and Life we rely much on the benefits of great feedback that will help improve our services. We are glad to have found Feedback Street a reliable partner that helps us achieve better coaching services for our clients.

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