OceanoBe is expanding in major Romanian cities
blogJanuary 13, 2022

OceanoBe is expanding in major Romanian cities

A vision for new beginnings

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This year OceanoBe is thrilled to announce that it will expand its business in major cities from Romania and also the Republic of Moldova. This is part of a larger business plan that includes opening new branches for the company by the end of 2022. 

The journey so far

Last year OceanoBe celebrated its 4th anniversary in the software business industry. The journey has, of course, its challenges, including a global pandemic that hit each of us on different levels. But every challenge was a chance for us to prove that a strong business foundation will undoubtedly stand the test of time. When we started our company had 8 people and a couple of projects and clients. Since the beginning, we were keen on setting high standards for everything we did and we gathered around a set of values that will guide us throughout the most difficult times. This proved to be a great inspiration to many stakeholders and we soon started to grow.  We reached more than 50 colleagues in numbers, a diversified portfolio of clients, and over 3 million euro turnover. 

Robert Tamas, Cofounder and General Manager at OceanoBe stated in a previous article that 

“With all the new changes and challenges brought this year, one thing is much clearer today: when you build an organization based on trust, any obstacle can be overcome.” 

With this in mind, we step into 2022 with new strategic plans and bold new actions.

A vision for new beginnings

This is a story many times told, but in every company’s life comes a time when you need to seize the opportunity of change and broaden your vision with bold new objectives. 2022 is the year for OceanoBe

This year the company decided to add to the business strategy a core new element - adding new hubs of teams in major Romanian cities and also expanding abroad in Moldova. 

“2021 proved to be one of many challenges but also it was a year that cleared the path for us and brought a new perspective for our business. We saw a new opportunity to bring into our community new talents that are not necessarily located in Iasi, our home-based office. We took this strategic decision to expand OceanoBe and I think we have the desire and meaning to become a company close to people in terms of values but also proximity.” Diana Tamas, Cofounder and CPO of OceanoBe.

In 2022 we are reaching out to new talent from cities such as: Suceava, Bacau, Piatra Neamt, Galati, Sibiu or Brasov. These cities have been chosen for the potential of creative people and professionals in the area and the fact that they have universities that foster such talent in the software development area. OceanoBe is planning to launch and invest in hubs here offering opportunities and access to all the benefits that we normally provide to all our colleagues. 

One objective that stands out in this journey will be the need to maintain our flat organizational structure. We strongly believe that this is one of the most important assets at the moment and our goal will be to maintain this structure via hubs with no more than 25-30 people. This will help us preserve the level of autonomy and trust we have built so far and also empower the decision-making process and autonomy of our teams.

Moving forward with confidence

The new expansion vision is a part of a larger development strategy that will help establish our position in the software market. 

“Our vision has always been to create a place where people feel they belong, are listened and have the freedom to innovate and grow. In fact, these are the core values that have guided us through the different stages of our development. We strongly believe in the continuous learning process and we are excited to discover the new amazing people and opportunities that await us.” Diana Tamas, Cofounder and CPO of OceanoBe.

So this year we raise the bar and challenge ourselves to bring brighter and bolder solutions for our stakeholders. We look forward to sharing with you more good news as the year progresses and also we invite all to follow the opportunities opened on our Join the Team page.