Development of the Latest Digital Innovations in a New Workspace with History from Iași
blogJune 5, 2024

Development of the Latest Digital Innovations in a New Workspace with History from Iași

We at OceanoBe mark a new milestone by opening an innovation workspace for our clients in FinTech, Banking, Payments, Medical, Energy, Administration, and other connected fields.

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This week we are opening an atypical space for software development in a renovated building from Iasi. The building is a landmark in a space crowded by historic buildings and monuments and will host from now on teams that drive digital innovations and experts in creating new-age tech deployments. We consider this new space an incubator for tailor-made long-term tech projects we are creating for our clients: digital services and products, web and mobile applications, SaaS solutions or middleware banking solutions, payment services, architecture and design, tech support, and maintenance.

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Our founders, Robert & Diana Tamaș, both have technical backgrounds in corporate companies, but they chose entrepreneurship in 2017. Since then, they built up the company as a local startup that provides excellent solutions in FinTech and Banking. The company’s portfolio has since then been extended to other business fields that have benefited from the expertise and vision of our colleagues. Our next step is to grow the company with new technologies and new digital competencies.

‘Lately, we have been on a ‘sprint’ of deliverables for our clients that makes us even more proud of the tech experts we have onboard. We wanted this year to be focused on growth, with all the efforts implied: investments in the space we have, new work teams for the projects we’re developing, and, of course, new colleagues. Our tech core covers a large area of technologies such as back-end and front-end, but also business analysis. Our teams are made of experienced specialists that deliver end-to-end digital products for Banking, FinTech, Payments, Medical or other fields of work’.  Robert Tamaș, CEO

Our new workspace offers a set-up that welcomes internal projects, but also client meetings, or after-hours gatherings for the tech community in Iași. Local tech startup founders or intrapreneurs can find here openness for their ideas and experts that can guide and encourage them on their path to success!

„We want to recreate in Iași the effervescence that we found when we built our careers as technical people. We identified a need to encourage innovation in digital products for Banking to start with and to support developers with ideas that are ready to implement… just like our careers were marked by the encouragements of our colleagues and an IT fellowship that we constantly feel and that we are grateful for.” Diana Tamaș, Growth Project Manager

Our new digital and software innovation space is situated in Iași, on General Mathias Berthelot Street no. 8. 

About us

Oceanobe is a rapidly growing software development company founded in 2017. With a team of experienced specialists, we are dedicated to digitally transforming businesses across various industries, serving a wide range of national and international clients. Oceanobe provides tailored solutions, including product development, web and mobile digital services, SaaS solutions, middleware banking solutions, payment services, architecture, design, support, and maintenance, utilizing a diverse range of technologies. Oceanobe is a trusted partner for companies aiming to thrive in the digital age, serving as a creative hub for innovative software products in fields such as Fintech, banking, payments, medical, energy, and administration. Our core capabilities include Java, Spring, Angular, React, Automated Testing, iOS, Android, API Design, Nginx, Kibana, and Cloud (AWS & Azure).

We can talk more about tech developments that you or your business can benefit from! Drop us a line at  or get in contact with Robert Tamaș , our CEO.