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Developing multiple teams while launching a new product

Design and Development for a Global System


Our client is one of the leading eHealth companies in the world, a global manufacturer of software in the medical sector that over 30 years has impacted the healthcare system by supporting their medical care customers in storing, exchanging, and requesting information and knowledge securely.


Once we enrolled in this engagement from the very initial days we focused on deeply understanding the problems from the point of view of those who are using the product. The main goal is to empathize with the end user and so, we gathered as much information as possible on the product that we were requested to build.


Once having a clear understanding of what we need to build, we operate with one cross functional scrum team and build a Proof of Concept for one small slice of functionality. With this, we addressed a few technical debt items along with a high score of automation flows.


We continued building on the straights of our relationship with our client, supporting product development and helping the client to penetrate new markets.

Idea to solve

We enrolled with a small cross cross functional team and spent a discovery sprint phase understanding and deciding what we have to build. We get to the heart of our clients business, its problems and challenges that are faced by their customers and users. We moved to a more agile way of working and migrated to a modern microservices architecture.

Problem statement

Our customer was looking for an engineering partner to support technology teams with engineering innovation, able to accelerate and minimize time to market of a global medical product. The product complexity was generated by the multiple targeted markets to be released, multiple distributed teams, 3rd party dependencies and the high volume of data required to be processed.


By balancing the need to provide mission-critical infrastructure and a flexible service, our expertise has helped them deliver faster and in a more predictable manner.In this engagement that has started in 2017 we have managed to grow from one scrum team to 11 scrum teams across multiple products.

Right from the beginning, we saw the value that OceanoBe Technology was bringing to our technology teams and our products. They managed to scale quickly and easily became a driving force that helps us be more successful in shipping products to market. We are happy to have them as a long term engineering partner.

Frank Mainzer

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