Introducing neuroscience to challenge our resilience
blogMarch 18, 2022

Introducing neuroscience to challenge our resilience

A journey of a thousand miles with NeuroMinfulness Institute

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How to add a practical approach to resilience and stress management in our day to day activity

A company is built by people, this is why each individual is a vital piece in the landscape of business. What happens though when the person is becoming overburdened, anxious, stressed?! That will disrupt the whole ecosystem and we, as leaders, are called now, more than ever, to face and help our people to stand strong, to build better resilience, and handle the pressure in difficult times and events.

The road so far

The OceanoBe team is one made out of visionaries and innovators, people capable of changing the paradigm and rethinking the way things are working. But the road to innovation is not without its challenges and stress is maybe one of the most common issues that stand in the way of one becoming his best version. Unfortunately, we live in times that require unprecedented change psychologically and emotionally from each individual. Creating the environment to change is of course and must and in order to change how we tackle the stressful reality of our life, we need tools. 

Through the years we have found many ways to cultivate our creative potential and expand our innovative minds.  Through building our own products, discovering other creative art forms like painting, connecting with other creative minds, and so on, we have managed to expand our vision. But the fact remains that we are all experiencing the tremendous burden of the last few years. Stress, anxiety, mental health, wellbeing are more than catchphrases, they are a reality. 

So, we decided let’s rewrite this situation and create a better environment for all of us. And because we are always exploring new innovative ideas out there we decided to embark on a very interesting journey this year. 

Building on better ground

We took our mission very seriously and soon discovered a creative team that fitted our needs and more. We are excited to share the news that we will be partnering this year with NeuroMindfulness Institute from France in order to get a fresh new perspective on our ability to manage stress. We are relying on the latest neuroscience research and mindfulness practices to boost our skills and improve our overall resilience. 

“We are living through a very stressful period of time and, for most of us, it has been difficult. This is why we looked for adapted solutions and found a team of very dedicated and passionate people: Veronica and Arnaud, from NeuroMinfulness Institute. They are proposing a framework based on neuroscience that can really provide tangible tools to improve our cognitive capacity and emotional resilience. We look forward to building with them a more resilient mindset and help our team expand their tool kit to help them deal with day-by-day life challenges.” Diana Tamas, Co-Founder OceanoBe

According to the dictionary resilience is “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.”. Having such a complete change of our world for the last years has pushed us to change and adapt as never before. But pushing boundaries has proved to have its ups and downs. 

Having a resilient mindset is definitely one of the key ingredients that can help one overcome more effectively the perpetual stress state we find ourselves in. But how do we gain the change, how can we switch the way we approach things and build a better momentum? Well, the answer lies somewhere in neuroscience and mindfulness practices. 

We will begin this journey with our partners and discover science-proven daily practices that are here to help us navigate the stressful times we are living in and build resilience. With these tools at our disposal, we hope to stand stronger, think bigger, build a better version of ourselves. It is without a doubt a bold mission, but we are confident and committed to it.