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This is a virtual image of our community. It should give our customers a window to see who we are, to understand what we are doing and to show them our passion for building good products.

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It comes a time in every teams' life where you get to see how you have grown and assess where you have to go. Once our team grew we were aware that our current brand in the market didn't clearly reflect our core capabilities. We then started analyzing how we can more clearly express our full potential to our new customers. With this in mind, we run an internal assessment of our skill values and processes.


In the Ideation phase we consolidated skill matrix values, capturing technical capabilities, the business domain we have experienced in building software and development delivery approaches.


Within an Agile approach, we accommodate a cross-functional scrum team that started evaluating the needs and built a UX draft. The draft was then presented to the entire organization. Once the design was signed off, the dev team commonly agreed on the tech stack and started the development lifecycle incrementally with just enough work estimated.

Idea to solve

Analyzing our options, we reached the conclusion that a new version of our website would be the natural choice to make. It turned out to be also a fantastic opportunity to mix the key ingredients that we use when building our products: bring our core values on what we are developing, get the project done on time and on budget. For our team, this project was also a great opportunity to get back to one of our company's core values, 'freedom to innovate'.

Problem statement

By improving our way of building products, extending our core capabilities and attracting new talents we simply realized that our image in front of new customers doesn't naturally reflect our passion, capabilities, and offer. So we set off to create a new brand image that will reflect all of this and set a new defining stage in our company's lifecycle.


In creating the new OceanoBe website we set out to tell a story about our current and potential new clients, about our colleagues and of course to tell you, the reader, more about who we are and where we are going. We consider this challenge fulfilled and we are glad that we made this journey. This was truly a great opportunity to give everyone a clear view of who we are, what we are doing and how we are doing it.

OceanoBe is all about passion, professionalism, and great ideas. We transformed our website into a project that could embody all our spirit and values, making it the best version of ourselves.

Robert Tamas, CEO, OceanoBe Technology

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