OceanoBe Equity

OceanoBe Equity

The OceanoBe Equity Programme is meant to bring us together. OceanoBe is a strong believer in long term partnerships backed up by meaningful goals and objectives. This is why we are open to enter into an equity service agreement with startups that are looking to find a reliable software solution partner. Our unique knowledge could help accelerate your business.

Why join the OceanoBe Equity Programme?

Like you, we’re entrepreneurs. We think that the value of the learning, networking, and mentoring provided by the program is of tremendous value. The OceanoBe equity programme will provide you with the healthiest possible start and greatly improve your chances for success and sustainability. Once we become your partner, we’re motivated to help the business succeed. Introducing you to people who can help, assisting you with strategy, finding more investors are just a couple of ways in which we will help you along your entrepreneurial journey.


Check Customer Pulse

We care for what we do. Staying in touch with clients is an outstanding opportunity. Engage your audience by SMS, Email or link based survey sharing. Or, just send them messages showing you care.

Get feedback smoothly

We give you the tools to create your custom dynamic survey. Stand out from everyone else. Get the data you need from your audience with multichannel communication. Import your contacts and you can associate metadata to them so they stand meaningfully in your analytics view.


The first phase of analysis for Feedback Street was a major priority for us. At this stage we focused on analyzing various business sectors for which the product could perform best. Of course, we took our time in defining the persona and also capturing metrics that will measure the impact and success.


Moving to ideation, our team used this refinement phase to demonstrate that the challenge identified for Feedback Street was on point. We used this period of time to validate our purpose fix of the problem using a small closer representation of the targeted audience.


In the final stage of testing for Feedback Street, a small slice of development translated into a Proof of Concept in tandem with promotional content for the market. We made sure to have all appropriate tracking tools to measure the impact of the POC.








Dream come true

FeedbackStreet is now live! 🎉

We are excited to announce a new brand product: FeedbackStreet. Behind FeedbackStreet is a mature team based in Iasi, Romania, committed to delivering a high-quality product. Our years of experience materialized in this software solution which we are keen to make it better every day. There are many survey solutions on the market. But, FeedbackStreet is not just another version of it. The world is advancing day by day. We all aim at outstanding services, so FeedbackStreet is an idea to make the voice of people heard. Everyone matters. And our extensive roadmap will make just that.

Visit FeedbackStreet website