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blogAugust 20, 2020

OceanoBe Playbook

A guideline to deliver excellence in software

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Our Playbook

Discover the OceanoBe Playbook - our recipe to deliver digital products to the highest standard. Discover how we get to build innovative software solutions!

Over the years OceanoBe has worked with companies in a variety of industries. We have delivered custom software such as web and mobile apps for our partners. Although each collaboration unravels in a specific way, they all must follow a specific pattern. Why is this important? Well because having a Playbook guarantees a high-quality service level while providing excellence and personalization to each client. As you will shortly see the Playbook gives you that insight into what to expect from a collaboration with us. But first…

The Playbook role in a software solutions company 

Having a playbook is not a new concept and if you are in the business of software development, either as a client or as a supplier, the notion has surely crossed your path. Of course, there are many benefits and characteristics of a Playbook, but there are some that, from our point of view, stand out.

  1. The playbook is a guideline that describes how we can deliver high-quality software services and products for Clients.
  2. It’s a unique and living document that evolves constantly and it’s available for both team and partners.
  3. When looking for a software solutions company to partner up with, the Playbook will help understand how a successful collaboration starts and develops.
  4. When aiming to deliver high-quality products and services nothing can be done by chance. Having a playbook is synonymous with constantly having a good plan for any kind of project and that will help the team deliver fast and with high quality.
  5. It's both a manual of excellence for the team members and a standard for those who need improvements.
  6. A custom work environment, brings consistency to each development process.
  7. Finally, it’s a statement on how the company is deploying quality.

Our company has always had a specific mindset and work ethic that we follow, presenting our Playbook is just the embodiment of our hard work over the years, experience, and strong values.

OceanoBe Playbook Keypoints

Delivering innovation and striving for excellence are core values within the company. OceanoBe team relies on these values and our Playbook in order to deliver the best results. Following the link in this article, you will discover how we develop successful web and mobile applications for our customers. We have structured our process into 5 areas of interest.

  1. Discovery phase - understanding a client’s business is always the best starting point for a successful software release. We use Design Sprint to give us a clear way of creating the best product.
  2. Product delivery - using agile methodologies we are able to bring immediate value.
  3. Designing - we follow the principles of Design Thinking and we have a human-centered approach when tackling problems.
  4. Tools and practices - we rely on specific tools that help us deliver the best results.
  5. Development - experience is key when designing and developing quality software and we have identified a set of best practices that allow us to do just that.

For you, the reader, it’s good to know that this is a “living document”. As said before, we are always striving for excellence and this statement will surely follow our evolution. We are meant to grow and improve, but the main goal will always be the same: successfully deliver software products and services.

So, without further due, you are cordially invited to discover OceanoBe Playbook. We hope you will find it instructive and why not inspiring. Of course, we are always here to start a conversation with you and partner up with a new software development adventure. 

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