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Clara - eHealth platform

Assisting your mental health journey


CLARA platform aims to be the perfect assistant to your mental health journey. We designed this system to help specialists provide the best mental health treatment in Romania, using secure measures and state-of-the-art technology. Follow us on this journey to discover the vision and tech behind the scene.


The idea of CLARA is a necessity for the Romanian market. We started up by gathering a handful of top specialists and identifying a roadmap for a product that will revolutionize the mental health community and lay the foundation for a new way of doing things. As we found out, the road ahead has many options and it will be an ongoing learning experience, which is both beneficial and rewarding


As we are dealing with such a raw market the ideation process has brought to light a tremendous amount of ideas and solutions. At this stage, we focused on creating a flow of ideas and dividing the areas of interest. This included AI intelligence and large database analysis, VR settings, effective psychotherapy techniques, creation of the Virtual Patient, security, and many more.


The next step for this project was creating the minimum viable product (MVP). After the UX design approval, using Agile methodology and a cross functional scrum team we began developing the MVP for CLARA. This allowed us to test the solution and validate our assumptions.

Idea to solve

Facing a global pandemic has created the context to view mental health as an important issue in our society. Since the beginning, we identified three main problems that need to be addressed:

  • What tools are therapists lacking in order to improve time management and communication;
  • How to create a safe environment for the online sessions;
  • How to improve the quality of the medical act by offering specialists access to probabilistic models and new innovative technology.

After this moment we decided that CLARA is not just another software. She will be a virtual mental health intelligence capable to assist the specialist in creating a better treatment plan for each individual client.


Developing state-of-the-art technology needs to start with big ambitious goals. CLARA is an AI technology that will have two main development objectives.

  • Become a Virtual Patient - together with psychologists, doctors, and specialists from the mental health industry, we will contribute to the creation of the Resource Bank established and maintained through the AI & Deep learning component within the platform. The virtual patient is a simulation that will allow specialists to perform clinical trials and simulations, without the necessity of engaging real people.
  • Big data scientific database - the algorithm we are building will allow access to data and probabilistic models and help create a new environment in determining a specific diagnosis, prognosis, a treatment plan, and recovery.

“For us, innovation and development are two things that work intrinsically together. As developers, we always try to work with new technologies but there are such rare occasions where you get not just to create state-of-the-art tech but actually make a difference. CLARA is such a project. The team is both intellectually and emotionally involved in the outcome of each feature and that is saying something. We are thrilled to launch this and are looking forward to seeing how it will unravel. “

Georgian Valentin, CTO CLARA

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