Our Company

OceanoBe is a software solution company specialized in end to end delivery. We operate from Iasi, Romania and help customers around the globe to create, develop or improve digital products. Here at OceanoBe you will find a dedicated team of experts ready to design and develop the best solution for your company.



Freedom to innovate drives us to get better each day and helps us deliver outstanding results for our clients and partners. At the end of the day making a difference is always our goal.



Most importantly we seek each day to improve ourselves and our company. Striving for excellence, making a difference and problem-solving are all values that drive our team members.



Striving for excellence is in our DNA and for that, we constantly seek out ways to improve ourselves and our services. We set the standard level up and each day we focus on delivering that quality to our customers.



Working in a friendly and open environment is fundamental for our team. We also value freedom of speech and always appreciate constructive feedback.


Let's Make Something Great Together

Looking for a strong technological partner?! If you are looking to enhance your digital capabilities OceanoBe is right fit for your company. Our digital expertise can help develop sustainable solutions for your business or provide maintenance for any existing software solutions. Our team of experts is fully ecquiped in providing end to end solutions for businesses activating in any industry or location.


Bring Your Idea to Life

Are you a startup looking for developers to develop your MVP?! Here at OceanoBe we offer the opportunity to exchange our unique knowledge and software solution services for equity in businesses that could benefit from these, to help accelerate the successful innovative technologies and industries. We are able to build a technical team, offer our consulting services, quickly ramp up the project and help launch it.

Level Up

Mastery is the key. Join our Level Up classrooms!

Stay sharp and improve your skills with our advanced classrooms. Learn online from the best about software and management IT industry: Java, JavaScript, iOS, Android, Project Management, React, Angular and many more.

API designBuild fluent and scalable API
SpringFrom beginner to Guru in Spring Framework
ReactjsThe proper way to use React
AngularAdvanced Techniques in Angular
TestingAutomation Testing
Our team
Our handbook

How we run our company and work on projects

Magic doesn't just happen, it is created. Our team makes and delivers magic everyday for all our projects. Highly skilled engineers that work smart and put passion in everything they do, in and out of work. Our team loves a challenge and they are ready to sparkle every software solution with some technological magic and fun.