OceanoBe Expertise

OceanoBe Expertise

OceanoBe expertise focuses on building software solutions for sustainable business projects. Using the latest technology and products, we step up and develop problem solving digital products.

Here at OceanoBe we emphasis on 3 focal points: design, iteration and devops. With this in mind our main goal is to provide a smooth process for each solution we deliver and we are sure that we can provide a suited solution for your business.

Ways of working

Our Process

OceanoBe expertise is focusing on the development and delivery of valuable software solutions for our clients. You, the client, are the owner of the vision. We, OceanoBe, are the expert partner that will help you achieve that vision. Our process emphasizes close collaboration with all our partners, which helps bring better solutions and within a shorter time frame.


Building your software solutions requires a few critical decisions in areas such as technology, user experience, branding or design. You can rely on OceanoBe for all these decisions, our design sprint approach will make sure that we deliver fast solutions.


Feedback is essential to our process. Having regular knowledge sessions, code reviews and daily stand up meetings will ensure that all team members are on the same page.


OceanoBe expertise and knowledge are shareable within teams. Each client will have at his disposal our full expertise. Our team collaborates fully and efficiently on all projects, thus making sure that you benefit from a full spectrum of ideas in order to have a complete software solution delivered.



Essential at the start of every new product, service or feature, design sprints and discovery sprints are a major focus for us and we use it to understand client’s problems, validate assumptions and build user-centered products.

UXMVPHigh Level Design

Having a product that is easy to use and solve the client’s needs it’s a key objective, but also not getting hung up on low-level decisions is very important at this stage. To avoid wasted time in the User Experience phase, we recommend having the main idea of design simply crayoned on a whiteboard. This will allow you to move fast and start building in no time.

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Inception is the phase of planning where we understand what we build, how we build it and with which specifications. The key part at this stage is making sure objectives are clear and that all stakeholders reach a common ground agreement.

Product DesignWeb DevelopmentMobile Development

The process of product design is actually the stage in which we create a digital experience based on human-centered design. We start with analyzing the market, identifying problems, product development and also the design of solutions to be applied. This process involves both designers, product managers and cross-functional colleagues that are focused on understanding people's needs and discovering the best solutions to meet those needs.

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Using DevOps practice in our day to day activities is providing our clients with better results in terms of delivery time and value, reduced rate of failure and of course shorter lead times.

SupportRelease ManagementSoftware Environment

We provide all our customer's ongoing support that will help improve and better manage the cloud-based infrastructure and applications. In order to streamline your operations and optimize the infrastructure costs, OceanoBe expertise focuses on virtualization, monitoring, and automation. Our ongoing support process will make sure that your software solutions are performing at their highest for your business.

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