Integrating testing capabilities in cross-functional teams

Integrating testing capabilities in cross-functional teams

Fintech collaboration for innovative banking products


The company we partnered with launched its business over 20 years ago having extensive experience in the fintech industry. With offices in 6 countries and impressive expertise in the IT world, the company has built successful software and helped various clients transform their digital assets. Working at an international level created opportunities to attract and consolidate partnerships within the banking and insurance system, and also in the big corporate setting. Having focused on experience and expertise allowed the company to innovate, thrive and succeed.


We began our collaboration with the client by investigating the already existing platform and its specific requirements. The challenge was given by the fact that the product was a niche one and we needed to have a clear understanding of the process. Our main goal as a software partner was to empathize with the end-user and make sure that the product meets and exceeds the expectations.


Unlike many other projects, this was a project with a quick onboarding, because the client needed to add new QA capabilities to the existing testing and QA team and project. The integration was done smoothly and we started working towards meeting our goal - that is to provide software quality and reliability.


Working in a cross-functional and mixed environment is part of our DNA and of course, that proved to be exactly what the customer needed. QA engineers from OceanoBe stepped in to ensure that each functionality of the software solution is flawless and that the objectives and goals of the projects are met.

Idea to solve

At the launch of our collaboration the QA team that enrolled had 3 people. Bringing our values to the table made the difference and we soon started to grow in numbers and involvement. At the moment we have a team of 15 people specialized in both manual and automation testing.

Problem statement

The product complexity revolved around the intricacies of payment processing and core banking specificities. Since the client works with sensitive data, the QA engineers needed to understand the environment and quickly learn how to deliver the best results possible. Needless to say that the importance of respecting the deadline is crucial for the success of the product.


Joining a partnership with a fintech specialist is always a great source of pride and a boost for the team in terms of recognition and growth. By bringing flexibility and knowledge to the table we created a safe environment for the growth of the team and the successful development of the project. Our client emphasizes - there is a secret order in Chaos and we know it. There is much truth in this phrase and it is also true that people with the right mindset can handle any challenges that lay ahead.

Being an engineering partner in this project proved to be quite the experience. Through the continuous effort and dedication of our team, we managed to create a professional environment. We managed to scale quickly based on the client’s needs and easily integrate and become a driving force in the QA team. Focusing on mutual values of continuous learning, growth, and excellence has proved to be the best way for this partnership to grow and prosper.

Ilie Pandaciuc, Delivery Partner

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