OceanoBe Success stories - From MVP to architecture strategy

From MVP to architecture strategy

Introducing future development in Romania's financial sector


A new partnership has been forged between Oceanobe and a noteworthy player in Romania's banking scene. This partner has been consistently striving to introduce innovative functionalities in the market. As part of their forward-thinking agenda, they recognized the need for a tech partnership to take their offerings to the next level.


Our journey with this client started with an in-depth analysis of their existing infrastructure and requirements. The need was clear: develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to test a new integration in the Romanian market. The client was focused on using a .NET technology frame and had a clear vision of the benefits that this feature could bring to the end users.


The opportunity for OceanoBe to contribute to the development of this new product was identified and as mentioned before we drafted the first concept of this MVP. We assembled a strong .NET team to collaborate closely with the client. Our focus was to leverage our strengths in .NET development and backing expertise to turn their vision into a functional reality.


Once the MVP was conceptualized and the roadmap chalked out, it was crucial to ensure that the solution was not only functional but also tailored perfectly to meet the client’s unique requirements. We deployed a dedicated team to initiate thorough testing, aligning ourselves with the operational benchmarks. The focus was not just on technical correctness but also on user experience.

Idea to solve

Our technical expertise added significant value to the project, particularly in terms of the tech stack:

  • Tech stack: .NET, .NET Core 7, WebAPI, xUnit, FakeItEasy, SQL Server, Rabbit MQ.

This enabled us to develop a solution that was both robust and scalable, meeting the client’s diverse needs efficiently.

Problem statement

The primary focus of our collaboration has been to introduce a brand-new functionality that will streamline the payment process within the client's applications. The task was challenging, but it perfectly aligned with our areas of expertise, offering a platform to demonstrate our capabilities in real-world scenarios.


So, where do we go from here? The MVP has been successfully delivered, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We're not stopping at this milestone. Our next steps include taking over API architecture activities and expanding our team to delve into the mobile development sector. We can now confidently say that the journey so far has been promising, and the road ahead is full of opportunities for innovation and growth.

This collaboration isn't just another project for us; it's an embodiment of the innovation and technical excellence we strive for every day. Successfully delivering the MVP was a significant milestone that not only met but exceeded expectations. It showcased our team's robust capabilities in .NET development and gave us a platform to contribute meaningfully to the client's vision for Romania's financial landscape. The feedback we've received affirms the value we bring to the table, and it has paved the way for us to take on even more ambitious roles, including API architecture and expanding into mobile development. This partnership it's transformational for both organizations, setting new standards for what's achievable in the banking sector.

Valentin Georgian, Delivery manager

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