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Founded in 1884 is an international institution of worship that is present at a worldwide level. The institution was founded as a central establishment for the regional area of Moldova and now presides over 8 counties with thousands of people under its guidance. Like most organizations, this too is a legacy institution that has gathered a substantial amount of information and decided to step into the digitalization era with bold objectives and a plan that will successfully transform the way it’s managed. As it turns out OceanoBe was the perfect software development partner to guide the organization on the digital transformation path and set in place the asset management process.


The initial phase of analysis was deeply focused on understanding the process and what were the product owners’ views and requirements. Since this is a legacy account with no historical data or digital assets created it was important to create a structure that will have a great user experience and also will give access to all the information needed on day-by-day activities. The OceanoBe team has played a crucial role since the beginning of creating the software vision and development plan and guiding the product owners. The asset management digitalization program included a total of 6 projects that are interconnected.


The Ideation phase was focused on providing the skill matrix and technical capabilities to the project and the UX approval. We focused on delivering the best outcome possible and also on consolidating 6 core projects that will enter the MVP phase. Together with the product owner, we consolidated the following individual modules: employee management, asset management for buildings and properties, the financial module for budgeting with partial Saga integration, registry office, fleet asset management, and project management module.


Since the beginning, OceanoBe’s team had full ownership and responsibility for the development of the asset management project. Following the UX approval, we set out in building the first functionalities and the priority was the employee management system, which had the purpose of creating a virtual file for individuals working within the organization.

Idea to solve

Choosing a technological partner requires often a combination of tech skills, capabilities but also a major amount of trust. Since this was a digital transformation we took our time in setting out the best architecture and technologies making sure everything will be easily scalable. The project started with a team of four people working with the following technologies:

  • Front end: React.js.
  • Back end: Ruby on Rails.
  • Database: MySQL.

Problem statement

Having a legacy partner with no digital infrastructure is in itself a challenge. In situations such as these our team has to be very flexible and always conduct a thorough analysis and understanding of the inside processes and the activity flow. Building custom software from scratch is, without a doubt, a thrilling process. Having the autonomy to bring the best solutions and ideas to the table and seeing that the customer needs exceed expectations is probably the best part of any greenfield project.


Digital transformation isn’t always a smooth process, it requires patience, vision, and due diligence to achieve client satisfaction. Having passed the MVP phase we believe that our goal so far has been met. The asset management project we embarked on is already moving to phase one of development and phase 2 is soon to follow. The team will expand to accelerate the implementation process and we are thrilled what an impact the software will have on the day-by-day activity of the people using it.

We consider that the collaboration relationship with OceanoBe brought added value to the Roman Catholic Episcopate of Iasi from the perspective of a prompt communication of OceanoBe experts on establishing indicators to be achieved, according to the project, establishing certain courses of action, the work agenda, the professionalism of the team of experts directly involved in achieving the objectives and the availability for dialogue. We believe that OceanoBe, as a software development company, offers quality services, promoting an open, transparent, fair way of working towards the client.

Pr. Egidiu Condac, Vicar General ERCIS

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