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OceanoBe UX Design strategy is focused on creating the best solutions for our customers, solutions that are both intuitive and easy to use. We design having the users in mind and of course the business goals.

Software solutions are all about delivering complete digital experiences. UX Design is like the glue that binds together multiple touchpoints, connects devices and also creates omni-channel experiences. Using the latest technology and of course by focusing on flexibility the OceanoBe UX Design team will create solutions that are tailor-made and can respond to the client’s specific needs.

User Experience (UX) is all about putting the user's goals first. The OceanoBe UX Design approach is based on collaborative and iterative design, open communication and also “all hands on deck” mindset. We focus on data-driven user insights, clear and defined goals.

For each customer, our purpose is to provide UX solutions that will ensure the maximum viability of the software solution for both the company and the end-user. In order to deliver a memorable UX, experience research is a priority, we gather information about the users, the business goals and then we channel that knowledge to deliver the features required.

OceanoBe UX Design services

OceanoBe UX Design service portfolio covers:

- Customer research insights

- Concept and prototype UX design

- Long term UX strategy

- UI kit and design identity

OceanoBe offers a full range of design services in order to provide a clear understanding of the user's needs, market insights and client's problems. Besides the OceanoBe UX Design, our portfolio includes both MPV and High Level Design services.

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    QA Automation Engineer

    The right environment allows you to put your best analytical skills and creative potential to the challenge. It gives you the freedom to innovate, flexibility, and autonomy. It is a place where you feel the passion that ignites on each project you deliver. Having the right team is the most important part of delivering successful software solutions to the customer.

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    Senior Angular Developer

    Creating an interface for a software application is arguably one of the most interesting and challenging aspects of being a developer. As a Senior Angular Developer, you will surely know the subtle art of converting ideas into outcomes that delights the final user. We understand that having a supportive environment is essential for you to bring the best creative ideas to the table. This is why we have created a space and team that give you permission to room to build amazing software.

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    Intermediate Angular Developer

    Creating an interface for any software application is arguably one of the most interesting and challenging tasks for a software developer. As an Angular developer, you will surely know the subtle art of transforming ideas into an outcome that delights the final user. We know that in order to bring that vision to life, having a creative and supportive environment is crucial to your work. What we did here, at OceanoBe, is to create just that, a community that gathers people with a shared set of values that keeps us moving forward and striving for excellence every day.