OceanoBe Annual Start-up Challenge

OceanoBe Annual Start-up Challenge

OceanoBe is a strong believer in building and supporting innovation and creative saas solutions. That goes without saying. When we started this company our main goal was to gather a community of like-minded people focused on creating their own projects and working on ideas that could change the world.

This is why we launched the OceanoBe Annual Start-up Challenge. This is a competition for the OceanoBe team members in which we reward the best start-up idea of the year with substantial financial support. In addition to this, we will support the startup in creating and launching its first MVP on the market.



What does success look like for your project?

Building a successful project starts with having the right mindset and people. For entrepreneurs, there is a long way to go when it comes to launching successful initiatives, and understandably so. OceanoBe is also a startup software company and for the last 5 years, we have seen and experienced a great deal. We believe our collective creativity and shared values have brought us thus far and we are eager to invest in brilliant ideas.

The Start-up Challenge

The challenge we launched is here to help new entrepreneurs in building successful products. We will provide resources and the knowledge that will help them achieve their business goals.


The OceanoBe challenge has the purpose of awarding a winning idea with substantial funding. The purpose is for the winning team to have a first investment seed to start developing and making the project’s first MVP viable. We believe in the power of innovation and we know that having financial support is crucial for any startup.


OceanoBe is a software development company that offers equity programs for ideas worth building. We believe that innovative software solutions are the key to a better future and we are dedicated to bringing the most powerful ideas to life. Our full equity program can be found following: https://oceanobe.com/equity


Each project owner will receive our consultancy package. From development, recruiting, marketing, legal, and sales we are here to extend our full support. Another amazing thing that our team provides is great networking opportunities.