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Transforming and performing in the digital banking market


Digital banking has revolutionized the way we manage our finances, bringing financial empowerment and freedom to choose. Our client is one of the top leading digital banking platform providers for the MEA region and emerging markets. The vision they bring forward is an elegant and straightforward solution that identifies with its users and the local banking requirements. They have designed a neobank solution that not only helps users take control of their finances in minutes, but also builds solutions for the younger generation and helps the clients manage their household expenses.


We initially set out in this partnership with a clear goal of bringing our fintech and payments expertise into the existing infrastructure and revising and advising the development team. For us, it was a great project to take on, and our team of two, at the time, was thrilled to embark on this journey. The clear objective here was the improvement of the software development process.


After the project analysis, we discovered that there were ample opportunities to create better and more efficient solutions for the platform and overall development strategy. We embarked on setting out a new plan of action that will help the client deliver the best solutions to the market. This phase also required a learning process for us, in order to better understand the MEA market and its rules in the payment and digital banking industry.


As it all plays out, our team soon started taking ownership of the development of a variety of functions. We implemented our knowledge and best practices to help the development team become efficient and effective. Our experience in the payment and banking industry, as well as working with mixed and cross-functional teams proved to be of great value, offering the opportunity for a better transfer of knowledge and quicker implementation of best practices in the field.

Idea to solve

In this partnership, OceanoBe has been selected for its expertise in the payments and banking industry but also engineering expertise such as Java, Android, iOS or ReactJS. In just a few months our team involvement has grown from 2 to over 30 people working on technologies such as:

  • Front end: Reactjs, Typescript, Redux, MaterialUI, Axios, Lerna
  • Back end: Java17, Spring, Spring Data Abstraction layer, Lombok, Feign Rest client/abstraction layer, Hibernate ORM, Liquibase, Junit Unit/Component testing
    • Mockito/PowerMock, Postgres Relational Database
    • Docker, Logback Logging, Gradle
    • CI/CD, microservices approach
    • Mixed Cloud and on-premises deployments AWS
    • Kubernetes with Docker
    • For logging/monitoring ELK Stack (ElasticSearch, Kibana, Logstash)
    • Keycloak for authentication/authorization
    • MinIO and s3 for object storage
    • AWS S3
  • Android: Android SDK
    • Android Studio, Kotlin/java, Rest APIs, Git
    • MVVM and classic XML
  • iOS: Swift, RxSwift, Autolayout, Alamofire, MVVM, Adjust Analytics
  • Automation:
    • automation BE: REST Assured with Serenity reports
    • automation Mobile iOs and Android: Appium
    • manual BE: Postman
    • automation FE: Cypress
  • DB: MySQL

Problem statement

Our customer was looking for a reliable software engineering partner with a strong background in the payments and banking industry. The objective was to redesign an existing solution using a multi-tenant architecture and help the company penetrate the MEA region and emerging markets. He found that here at OceanoBe and much more. Originally, the team had two backend specialists, but soon became a team of over 30 people working on frontend, backend, mobile, Android, and iOS. The fast scalability of the project came with its challenges, of course. We are talking about a very fast-moving and innovative industry in digital banking that holds a huge amount of data that we need to consider. The MEA market of course had its challenges, both in terms of rules and regulations. Working in a multicultural engaging environment and having such a fast integration process has definitely provided a growing experience for us as a team and company. Needless to say that our values of innovation, continuous learning, and flexibility were great pillars for the success of this project and will continue to be so in the future.


Transforming digital banking in the MEA area is a bold objective we set out to achieve together, as partners. OceanoBe is the software development provider that is committed to bringing this vision forward with the help of our dedicated teams. Since we embarked on this journey the project has expanded and we are now working both on new features development and also the maintenance of the web portal and mobile apps. This obviously is just the beginning of a new and exciting journey, and we believe we have laid the foundations for our long-term success.

OceanoBe has initially set out to be the expert for our partner and to provide our knowledge in the banking and payments industry. We reached the point where the growth of our involvement and team was just a natural step. As we progress in this partnership we are focused on delivering the best outcome for our stakeholders.

Adriana Corlat, Delivery Manager

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